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Structuring the Loss Prevention (LP) Function: Generating a Strong ROI through People, Benchmarks and Training


Retail loss prevention (LP) must be understood within the context of return on investment (ROI) analysis. Without a clear indication of ROI, there is no case for investing the time, money and resources necessary to staff, administer and monitor an LP function. Without a positive ROI, a retail organization is better off accepting the loss as a part of doing business while investing nothing to reduce the profit drain. However, with an effective LP function in place, gains can be realized, losses mitigated and profitability increased.

LP success relies on an organization’s ability to anticipate and manage loss, while creating an LP team who will learn and grow with each experience. Also vital to LP success is the structure of the function that is put into place. In this whitepaper, learn how to structure a highly effective LP function to maximize the ROI on loss prevention efforts. 

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