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Hospital recoups over $1.2 million dollars following contract review


  Client Challenge  
Our client, a large, regional healthcare system, was constructing a $50 million facilities refurbishment in preparation for a $175 million additional expansion to their hospital.  Due to the large financial outlay, Protiviti was engaged to perform a construction audit of the spending to date on the refurbishment.

Protiviti’s Capital Projects and Contracts professionals provided insight to our client through the following steps:

  1. Determination of the appropriateness of the charges, accuracy in billings and compliance with contractual provisions for a sample of the spending to date
  2. Identification of potential discrepancies for follow-up and remediation
  3. Observations for consideration during the execution of future capital projects

Our professionals gained an understanding of our client’s construction process and determined they had very deep in-house construction management skills and project reporting capabilities. Subsequently, we only found some minor cost-recovery items in our initial direct findings. 

Review of the contract and its cost components indicated that certain cost items such as insurance and sub-guard (subcontractor insurance in lieu of bonding) were calculated as a percentage of direct costs, not actual costs incurred.  Since they were added as costs, our client was paying profit and overhead mark-up on these items to the general contractor.  We discussed with the owner that the contractor could be using these cost items as a profit center and the owner may be paying a mark-up on items already marked-up. 


Based on our findings, our client questioned the mark-up calculations with the general contractor, who then agreed to amend the contract, which amounted to savings in excess of $70,000 on the refurbishment project (an almost 200% return on investment to the owner).

In addition, the general contractor, who was recently awarded the additional $175 million hospital expansion, agreed to carry the new calculation forward into that contract, for an estimated $1,200,000 additional savings. This was a return on investment to the owner of more than 3,000% versus previous terms.

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