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Capital Projects Contract Audit


  Client Challenge  
Our client, a premier healthcare institution, hired a general contractor to construct a research building and outpatient facility. Cost increases and schedule delays prompted management to take a closer look at the construction contracts.

Protiviti’s experienced professionals determined that a targeted audit would be most effective for the client’s needs. 

The audit focused on payment applications associated with the construction contracts between the owner and the contractors for a $25 million research building addition and a $100 million outpatient facility.

Protiviti’s professionals identified more than $4 million in contract exceptions.

Based on the audit, our client received a detailed report of the exceptions, which included:

  1. $2.6 million in partially unsupported documentation from the contractors
  2. $1.3 million in incorrect subcontract amounts charged by the contractors
  3. $190,000 in incorrect labor rates and hours charged by the contractors
  4. $130,000 in miscellaneous exceptions charged by the contractors \r\n
  5. $100,000 in incorrect materials and amounts charged by the contractors
How We Help Companies Succeed

Recent national surveys by the Construction Management Association of America indicate that 40 percent to 50 percent of major construction projects run longer than planned and incur significant cost overruns.

Protiviti's team of construction project specialists has assisted clients with improving control over their projects, creating more reliable project timelines and reducing their exposure to cost overruns.
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